Advance Your Acting Career With Professionally Made Reel From An Award Winning Director

Costas’ Interview with Get Reel with Lee



Reel Benefits

  • Get professional quality film shot by an award winning movie director.

  • Showcase your raw talent and identify your best qualities as an actor with cinematic quality film

  • Show off your on camera presence, personality, style, attitude, versatility and highlight the work you’ve done (or are capable of doing).

  • Speed up the audition process and help casting directors make an instant decision to bring you in with a high quality reel.

  • Get priority in the submission process in the Actors Access/Breakdown Services because having a video attached will get you “bumped up” in a sense.

  • Make it easier to garner representation because potential agents and managers will want to see a reel before they consider adding you to their roster.

  • Create an emotional response in professionally edited scenes with lighting, sound and color correction.

Next Step

1) Pick the scene(s) you want
2) Contact us
3) Set up an initial meeting
4) Schedule your shoot
5) Shoot your reel

Contact me to schedule your acting reel

Typically $995

Now $595